Comparison of different types of wall coverings

Comparison of different types of wall coverings

Wallpaper durability varies. Vinyl coverings and some of the thicker fabrics are resistant to abrasions and tears, while thin paper wallpapers or delicate textiles are exposed to damage. Embossing on double stock lasts longer than the raised pattern on standard wallpaper, as the embossing is applied at the factory at the moment, when both layers are still wet with glue.

Some materials are easier to keep clean, others more difficult. Paper wallpapers are divided into three types: washable with a sponge, washable when wet, with a soapy cloth and scrubbable with a delicate brush. Fabrics are easier to stain than paper. Vinyl is the most dirt-resistant.

The thickest, washable materials are also the easiest to stick. Polyethylene and vinyl foams keep their shape after soaking with glue, they also require less adhesive than traditional embossed wallpapers, due to their smooth left side. Pattern after pressing (e.g.. after pressing the edges with a roller) flattens out temporarily, but after a while it returns to its original form; the bulges of the paper wallpaper will remain flat.

More luxurious finishing materials are usually more expensive and require slightly different gluing techniques. Be extremely careful, so as not to splash the right side of the fabric with glue and not to make mistakes in its trimming, which can cost us dearly. Nevertheless, these linings are generally very durable.


Cladding taped with paper are usually easier to put on the wall and can be covered with glue like regular wallpapers. Most of them expand when soaked with glue. So it is important, to allow such wallpaper to soak up the glue for a few minutes before putting it on the wall.
Some claddings are coated with glue on the left side, which is activated when the wallpaper is immersed in a water bath. Wallpaper manufacturers usually compromise on the amount of glue on a self-adhesive wallpaper, so sometimes it may be necessary to remove excess glue after soaking.
When coating standard wallpaper with glue, you must remember to follow the correct method.