Ceilings with reinforced concrete beams

T-27 beam and slab ceiling: a) cross-section of the ceiling of a residential building ceiling with bottom plates, b) ceiling with upper plates; 1 - plank floor 29 mm, 2 - legar 3 — papa, 4 - bricks arranged approx. 0,5 m, 5 - thickness slag layer 11 cm, 6 - reinforced concrete lower prefabricated plate, 7 - thickness cement-lime plaster 1 cm, 8 - reinforced concrete beam, 9 - reinforced concrete top plate.

Ceilings with reinforced concrete beams. Reinforced concrete beams may be used in place of steel beams in the beam-slab ceilings, prefabricated. Depending on the spacing of the beams, these floors can be found in the group of rib-and-slab floors, as well as beam-plate.

There are many design solutions for beam-plate ceilings. The figure shows the T-27 ceiling.

In rooms, where a smooth ceiling surface is required, prefabricated tiles are placed on the lower shelf.
In addition to beam-slab ceilings, ceilings are also widely used, in which, instead of prefabricated panels, shell fillings with underside or open panels are used.