Brick walls with smoke and ventilation ducts

Bonding bricks in walls with smoke and ventilation ducts: a) 1/2 wires×1/2 bricks, b) 1/2 wires×1/2×3/4 bricks.

Walls with smoke and ventilation flues. The walls of the ducts should be tight. The bricks of channel dividers should be embedded in the outer walls of the channels with at least one end. The figure above shows the brick bonds in the wall with smoke and ventilation ducts.

An example of bonding bricks in the masonry of an outer wall, where there is a need to insulate cables, see the figure.

Smoke pipes in the outer wall with additional insulation.

The figure below shows the bonding of bricks in free-standing chimneys.

Tying bricks in free-standing chimneys: a) single-duct smoke, b) double-duct ventilation and smoke, c) three-way ventilation and smoke.