Prefabricated hollow ceramic-reinforced concrete ceilings and ribbed ceilings

Prefabricated hollow ceramic-reinforced concrete ceilings and ribbed ceilings. Widespread in general construction are hollow ceramic-reinforced concrete ceilings and prefabricated ribbed ceilings. There are many varieties of both ceramic blocks, and concrete ones that differ in shape and width. The length of the ceramic blocks is usually 25-30 cm, while concrete blocks may be larger.

The load-bearing structure of ceramic-reinforced concrete ceilings is a monolithic rib, most often with a T-shaped cross-section. In some ceilings, e.g.. Fert type, prefabricated ceramic-steel bars are used, which are encased in the construction site.

In prefabricated reinforced concrete ceilings, the load-bearing structure is a prefabricated beam, usually with a T-section in the assembly phase and an I-section, formed by the connection with fillet concrete in the operational phase. The interaction of the beams with the concrete is additionally provided by the reinforcement (steel bars protruding from the web of the beams.

In order to ensure full cooperation of the longitudinal ribs of the beam-ribbed ceiling, transverse ribs are used, the so-called. distributions in increments 3,0-4,0 m. These ribs prevent, also "keying" of precast floor beams. Such ribs can also be used for partition walls placed across the ceiling. The width of the distribution ribs is 10-12 cm, and reinforcement are 2 or 4 rods in diameter 10-12 mm.