Sectional ceiling

Sectional floor sections: a) in progress, b) after removing the formwork, c) steel ties connecting the beams; 1 - cradle, 2 - square timber, 3 - mesh, 4 - concrete, 5 - rubble, 6 - plaster, 7 - download.

Sectional ceiling. This ceiling is an intermediate structure between the vault and the flat ceiling. The beam spacing is 1.2-1.5 m. Bricks in the segmental vault can be placed parallel to the beams or perpendicular. To prevent the beams from bending from their plane during the masonry of the vault, the beams should be connected with steel rods (rys.c), or brick all vaults simultaneously with sections moving from one end of the beams to the other. The space between the slab and the floor is filled with a material with a lower weight and better insulating properties.