Rubbing with a rag

Rubbing with a rag

Working with a rag requires the use of a lint-free cloth crushed into a ball. If we are using, for example, a piece of jute bag, it is good to hemm it, so that the threads do not remain on the painted wall. Apply the glaze with a brush in a color that contrasts with the color of the substrate. Before the stain dries, we rub it with a rag, to disturb the painted surface. This will create an interesting texture. (We can also use the knob for tamponing; we do the same, as when tamponing with a sponge).

Rag rolling is a variation of this technique, and the achieved effect allows you to mask the bulges and unevenness of the wall. Roll the crushed rag in the shape of a sausage and roll it on wet azure or paint. The top layer can be the same color as the background or a shade darker.

How to achieve the effect

1 We apply the glaze with vertical brush strokes. On large surfaces, we combine strokes at different heights, to avoid clear lines.

2 When the stain is still wet, we rub it with a piece of jute (jute sack), to disturb its surface.