Edgings and friezes

Edgings and friezes
Thanks to the edges and friezes, you can upgrade the room at a low cost. Traditionally placed on the ceiling or at the height of picture frames, they can also surround a wall vertically or decorate a sloped ceiling. A decorative trail can be used to optically lower a ceiling that is too high, extend the short wall, soften the color jitters, revive a quiet room. Edges and friezes look best on a neutral background, however, it is also acceptable to combine them skillfully with patterned wallpaper. They should be glued at least 48 hours after sticking wallpaper.

Soothing effect
In a simple room with a neutral character, a delicate frieze creates an impression of warmth and cosiness, especially if it repeats the dominant colors of the furniture. In a room with smooth walls, the frieze can become the dominant motif.

Coordination effect
The edge of the wall with a pulsating pattern must match the color or pattern of the wallpaper, if we want to create an impression of harmony.