Prefabricated reinforced concrete lintels

Wall sections with lintels made of prefabricated elements L.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete lintels. The figure shows a lintel made of L-shaped beams and high 22 cm. The ends of the beams rest on the mortar laid on the masonry, and the space between the beams is filled with concrete. In order to prevent the external walls from freezing, the lintels should be covered with insulating and textured material.

The lintel in the sandwich wall is shown in the drawing below. The vault in the load-bearing wall was made on prefabricated elements L, while the lintel in the curtain wall is based on angle brackets attached to the ceiling beam.

Lintel suspensions in the curtain wall: 1 - bracket with bars for suspending the lintel beam, 2 - reinforced concrete wreath, 3 - prefabricated elements L, 4 - ceiling.