Painting with watered-down emulsion paint

Painting with watered-down emulsion paint

We choose the paint of the same color as the background paint or a bit darker, but in the same shade. We mix it with water in equal parts. We gradually add water, to obtain a strongly lightened color, that allows the background layer to show through.

You can also use diluted glaze or paint for special effects to wipe the wall. It is good to try this method of painting on an inconspicuous part of the wall. To paint the whole, we use a wide brush and paint with intersecting strokes. If we want to achieve the cloud effect – we use a soft cloth.

How to achieve the effect

1 We paint the background with emulsion paint. When it dries up, Using a wide brush, apply the diluted topcoat with strokes in all directions.

2 We weaken any expressive lines with a dry texturing brush, before the top paint dries.