Painting windows

Before painting, remove all removable elements from the window, such as handles and door handles. We'll see, that it will make painting easier and allow for a better finish of the renovated surface.

We carefully cover the windows with masking tape and choose a brush that is not too wide for painting.

Raised windows

To paint a pop-up window (tooth. below), we push the rear frame down, and the front up, so that you can see at least 20 cm of the rear frame.

1 We paint the bottom strip of the rear frame and so much wood above it, as much as you can see.

2 We pull up the rear frame like this, to almost shut up, and we paint the rest.

3 We paint the front frame with paint, when it is slightly open.

4 When the frames are dry, we paint the frames, we close the window and paint the visible parts of the guides, but not the strings.

Practical advice

It is best to start painting the windows in the early hours of the morning. It's best, when the paint on them has time to dry before nightfall. If we close the windows at night, before the paint is completely dry, they will probably stick together and cause us a lot of trouble.

Tilt windows

Painting a swing window, we leave them slightly ajar.

1 First, we paint the places adjacent to the glass (1), followed by the horizontal and vertical lamellas (2).

2 We paint horizontal stiles (3), and then the vertical rails and window rebates (4).

3 When the window is dry, we paint the door frame (5).

4 If we are going to paint the window sill as well (6), let's leave it for the end. If the tilt limiter also needs painting, we paint it last, so that it can be used until the last moment.