Classic kitchen

classic cuisineIn many apartments, the classic kitchen solution is used as a separate room. There are many well-decorated interiors among them. For example, a kitchen with a bar window open to the room, built in the attic. The collection of colorful glasses is eye-catching. The refrigerator was placed in the base of the bar window; it covers a fragment of an openwork stand of an old sewing machine. In the kitchen, just like everywhere, Inventive accessories play an important role: the uninteresting side of the cabinet located in front of the entrance has been enlivened by the drawing of leek (the aesthetics of this interior are complemented by the interplay of glass and glaze colors); garlands of garlic, Christmas, wicker, old dishes and a mural depicting a pantry give the interior a rustic atmosphere, cozy nature. Another interesting example is the functional layout (comfortable work table, easy access to spices and cutlery) a kitchen with a high window.