Peeling off old paint

It is not always necessary to peel off the old layers of paint. A solid and smooth coat of oil paint is an ideal base for a new paint. The old layer of milk of lime or glue paint can often simply be washed off, if, however, the paint peels off and comes off the wall easily, better to rip it off. Test with duct tape - if it comes off the wall along with the paint, you need to scrape off the paint. Most of the methods described on the following pages can also be successfully used to remove varnish.

Choice of method
Dry scraping is very difficult, this as well – if the paint does not peel off easily – you have to soften it by heat or chemical method. Removing paint by heating is the most economical way to clean large surfaces, however, the gas burner may burn the wall. It is best to use chemicals on hard-to-reach surfaces, especially recommended for emulsion paints, cellulose and most oil paints. You must always read the information provided by the manufacturer.

Using a gas burner
1 Hold the torch at a distance of approx 15-20 cm from the surface and work from top to bottom until the paint dissolves. Do not use a burner to remove lead paint, due to the toxicity of the gases thus released.
2 Use a sharp scraper to peel the paint onto a metal tray. Run the flame over the paint left on the surface until it collapses, while being careful, so as not to burn the wood. Use a scraper to clean the slats.

Using chemical removers
1 Apply a thick layer of liquid using the old brush.
2 After some time (stated on the package) scrape off the softened paint.
3 Remove paint residue using metal shavings and white spirit.

Using a chemical paste
1 Nanieś grubą warstwę pasty za pomocą szpachli, cover with foil, then let it gnaw through the layers of paint. This usually takes several hours.
2 After a few hours, remove the old paint layer, revealing a clean surface. Remember about protective gloves.

Hot air gun.
This device works like a hair dryer, releasing a strong stream of hot air, which causes the paint to melt. Aim the outlet of the device at a painted surface, after a few seconds, wipe off the softened paint with a scraper. Special outlet attachments are used to remove paint from window frames and other hard-to-reach surfaces. The gun is extremely effective, although bothersome due to noise and weight.

By using chemicals:
• Always wear protective glasses, gloves and protective clothing to avoid burns. Refrain from smoking.
• Secure nearby furniture.

Using the thermal method:
• Always have buckets of water ready, in case of fire.
• Never put your fingers under the hot air flow.
• Burning pieces of paint should fall onto the metal tray, never on newspapers.