Pulling off concrete

When manually pouring the concrete base layer, it is important to properly determine the height of the screed. Służą temu łaty prowadzące ułożone na podłożu

Plates with insulation

Often, we want to make a new floor on the old plank floor. This requires the implementation of an appropriate undercoat to ensure the correct laying of the new floor. Jednym z rozwiązań jest zastosowanie

Horizontal dampproofing

Horizontal dampproofingThe durability of buildings is closely related to their protection against moisture. Therefore, in addition to vertical damp-proof insulation, careful execution of the so-called. horizontal waterproofing, pierwszą układa się na

Floor strips

Contemporary shapes of skirting boards or plinths allow for the routing of DC electrical installations underneath them, telephone or computer. This enables the lower corner of the slat to be cut at an angle, …