Single bedrooms

A similar functional program and equipment should have single bedrooms, intended for other adult household members. They are, to a greater extent than the "matrimonial" bedroom, rooms for individual rest and retreat. By arranging them on the set, you should be guided primarily by the preferences and habits of future users.

The main equipment of the bedroom – bed – formerly tall, wooden or iron piece of furniture with carved legs and
the headboard, with springs and bristle mattress, today it took the form of a light one, hygienic couch. Nowadays, elastic is most often used, quite firm mattress (e.g.. typu Yogi), located on a straight, functional platform-frame.

The form of the frame depends on the character and style of the interior. In a traditionally furnished bedroom, a bit "old-fashioned", old elements can be used to construct the frame, taken out of the attic, bourgeois beds (e.g.. carved headboard, main frame etc.), in a "youth" bedroom, the mattress can lie directly on the floor – carpet or on a very low landing-frame with dimensions larger than the bed, so that there is a shelf-seat around it.