ITB ceilings, PJ in inside

Strop ITB-70: a) view, b) bar; 1 - beam, 2 - pustak, 3 - thick concrete slab 3 cm.

ITB ceilings, PJ in inside. There are many varieties of beam-and-block ceilings. These ceilings differ mainly in the shape of the block. Maybe (zebra crossing) they can be prefabricated or monolithic. The picture above shows the ITB ceilings.

The TERIVA-I ceiling is intended for use in single-family and multi-family housing, in which the technological variable load does not exceed 1,5 kN/m2.
TERIVA ceilings are ribbed reinforced concrete beam and hollow concrete ceilings. These ceilings are made on truss steel beams with the bottom flange concreted in the foot, hollow concrete blocks and monolithic concrete poured at the construction site. The structural height of the ceiling is 24 cm, a span from 2,4 m do 6,0 m. TERIVA-I ceiling beams should be arranged at intervals 60 cm. The shortest length of a beam to rest on a wall or other support should be 8 cm.

Strap TERIVA-I: a) ceiling block, b) ceiling beam, c) cross-section through the distributing rib, d) rib under the partition; 1,2 - bar cross-section depending on static calculations and loads.

Apart from the fixed supports, the beams should be supported with the assembly supports for the assembly period; with the ceiling span up to 3,9 m one support is enough, at the span 4,2 – 6,0 m two supports should be used.
In TERIVA-I ceilings up to the ceiling span 4,2 m you should use one 1 distribution rib in the middle of the span.
For spans greater than 4,5 m do 6 m should be used 2 separating ribs. The figure shows the block and rib of the TERIVA-I ceiling.