DZ beam-block ceiling

DZ beam-block ceiling: a) ceiling DZ-3, b) DZ-4 ceiling, c) DZ-5 ceiling, d) beam view; 1 - beam, 2 - pustak, 3 - concrete slab, 4 - beam reinforcement, 5 - protruding stirrups.

DZ beam-block ceiling. The DZ ceiling consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete beams and hollow bricks. DZ beams are produced in several versions adapted to loads and spans.

There are three types of DZ beams:
a) belki DZ-3 o wysokości 20 cm are intended for general and rural construction with a ceiling span up to 6,0 m,
b) DZ-4 beams in height 20 cm are intended for the construction of ceilings and flat roofs in general construction with a span up to 6,60 m,
c) DZ-5 beams in height 25 cm are intended for the implementation of ceilings in school buildings with a span of up to 7,8 m.

The following types of hollow bricks are used to make the ceilings:
a) DZ-3 in width 60 cm and height 20 cm and ceramic dimensions 53 x 20,
b) DZ-4 in width 60 cm and height 24,5 cm,
c) DZ-5 in width 60 cm and height 31,5 cm.
The length of the hollow blocks is 30 cm.

The ends of the beams rest on the masonry; the length of the backrest should be at least 8 cm for DZ-3 and DZ-4 beams and 10 cm for DZ-5 beams. During the execution of the floor, the beams should be supported in the following places:
a) belki DZ-3 przy długości większej od 4,2 m in the middle of the span, at the supports, if the rims are lowered below the beam flange,
b) belki DZ-4 i DZ-5 w czterech miejscach, i.e.. under the two extreme openings for separating ribs and at both ends by the walls.

After the hollow blocks and upper reinforcement are laid, the groins are concreted, wreath and plate. Partitions parallel to the beams are set on two or three additional beams.