Greasing with glue and folding sheets of wallpaper

Greasing with glue and folding sheets of wallpaper

After cutting off the desired length, each sheet should be smeared with glue, fold and let it soak with glue. The glue must be thoroughly mixed, until the smallest lumps disappear; it also has to stand for a few minutes. If the wallpaper is thin, use more water to mix the glue. In order to thoroughly spread the glue on the wallpaper, soak the brush thoroughly in it, then apply a fairly thick layer on the wallpaper and distribute it systematically in good lighting. The left dry spots will show up in the form of blisters on the already glued wallpaper.

If the method of use given on the label does not provide for any other method of treatment, you should always be vigilant about this, that the wallpaper is well soaked with glue before hanging. To do this, you need to apply glue to the sheet, put it on a clean and dry surface and lubricate the next sheets.. remember, so that the soaking time is approximately equal for each sheet, to avoid differences in their later extensibility.

When buying, don't be tempted to save money, because later buying the missing amount of material is always associated with problems. You may be able to purchase a roll with the same color and pattern, nevertheless in bright daylight it may turn out, that it differs from the previous ones in shade. Find out, whether all the rolls you buy come from one batch. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always buy a spare roll of wallpaper. If you don't use it, some stores will take it back, on condition that the original packaging is not damaged.

Adhesive lubrication and folding

1 Apply glue to the center section, then to the long side of the sheet closer to you.
2 Spread glue evenly on the remaining long side of the sheet.
3 Fold the glued half of the sheet with the decorative side out.
4 Lubricate the other half of the sheet, fold in two and leave to soak.

Folding long sheets
Applying glue to a very long sheet, fold it into an accordion, the lubricated side inwards.
Do not allow glue to contaminate the decorative part. Be careful, not to fold the paper at the fold, because it leaves unsightly traces.

Accordion folding
Wallpaper folded in this way is easier to stick to the ceilings and walls of the staircase, you can also fold the base wallpaper in this way.