Living room

living roomThe living room is the center of the apartment. It is where the whole family meets, relaxing together, guests are received here. As a rule, the larger area of ​​the room allows freedom in arranging the interior, gives the possibility of various furniture layouts in the existing architectural conditions. By moving paper models on the set, you can design the most sophisticated equipment settings and check various unconventional ideas.

To facilitate the work of arranging the living room, its area should be conventionally divided into
individual zones according to the functional program of the room, resulting from the survey. Basic, popular set of the so-called. corners in the living room it: dining corner, a seating area and – if necessary – work area or sleeping area. Furniture is selected for each functional corner (among those already owned, planned to be purchased or made by yourself), and then looks for a suitable place to set them, not forgetting to leave free space for free movement around the room. Arranging "paper" furniture on the projection of the room, they are divided into groups according to their belonging to this or that functional corner. Each of these groups is arranged in a selected zone of the room. This is how the living room space is divided. This division may remain arbitrary and imperceptible. It is a bit like building small rooms without walls separating them.