Substrate for AKRYLATEX paint

Substrate preparation, which is to be covered with paint for painting concrete elements.

Przede wszystkim dbając o przygotowanie odpowiedniego podłoża musimy pamiętać aby było ono gładkie bez żadnych rys czy też spękań, must be clean and properly degreased, dry and must not contain, for example, mushrooms. If only mushrooms, mould, the algae were in the place to be painted, they should be mechanically cleaned, then rinse with water and decontaminate with ALGIZID. If there is peeling paint on the surface, protruding plaster, they should be removed. The old surface should be washed off with a strong stream of water, the best way to do this is to use a carsher. In case the substrate is uneven, the differences are within the limits 5-15 millimeters, powinno się taką powierzchnie wyrównać za pomocą zaprawy, then fill with, for example, KOMBI FINISH or HYDRO STOP. In the case of smaller unevenness, it is enough to use KOMBI FINISH or HYDRO STOP, it is a putty-adhesive plaster. If the paint is to be applied on a freshly made mineral substrate, the four-week seasoning period should be maintained.

Remember to prime the surface before applying the paint, we recommend BUDOGRUNT ZG for this purpose. In the case of a low-absorbency substrate, for example, plasters should not be primed, but only washed with water..

Color distribution: the paint in the package is now ready for use. If the content is too thick, dilute it with a little water ( it depends on the type of substrate, drying conditions, and the method of application. The paint should be applied with a brush w 2 layers, other application methods such as roller or spraying can be used. The second time the paint is applied when the first one is completely dry, it is about three to four hours depending on weather conditions. If it is decided to use a spray for painting, it can only be used in windless weather. freshly applied paint should be protected against unfavorable weather conditions such as rain and moisture. At a temperature of about plus 20 degrees Celsius and humidity of approx 55 percent drying time is approx 3 hours.