Paint trays and others

Painting trays

Light and easy to use paint floats consist of a mohair layer stuck to a sponge removable float, which attaches to a plastic or metal holder. Their dimensions vary: from 25 mm do 20 cm. Some can be fitted with a boom, to paint the ceiling without using a ladder. Trowels are suitable for smooth and structured surfaces, but not rough. They are perfect for varnishing doors.

The paddles should be cleaned immediately after use. Let's be careful with the thinners – some can destroy the adhesive that holds the bristles to the foam.

Other painting tools

If we use thin paint, it is good to pour some of it into a separate bucket or plastic litter box. This will make it easier to carry, especially when climbing a ladder (not all cans have handles). Buckets and litter boxes are also useful for another reason – if the paint becomes contaminated in any way, It will only happen there, and not the whole tin.

Other useful painting utensils:

• triangular or otherwise shaped scrapers and spatulas to remove old paint,

• self-adhesive masking tape to protect the surface, which will not be painted,

• dust rags,

• paint foil to protect floors and furniture against splashing with paint,

• paint stirrers,

• thinners appropriate to the type of paint.