Supporting ribbed and reinforced concrete ceilings on the walls

Supporting rib-and-slab ceilings with the use of a reinforced concrete beam: a), b) monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings, c), d) prefabricated beam-and-block ceilings; 1 - wreath, 2 - plate, 3 - prefabricated beam, 4 - main reinforcement, 5 - warming the wreath.

The figure shows the ways of supporting the ceilings on the walls with the use of reinforced concrete beams.

Ribbed and reinforced concrete ceilings are based on the walls with intermediate reinforced concrete beams with a height equal to or greater by 4-5 cm than the ceiling thickness and width 13-26 cm (brick dimension with a joint). The wreaths lying on the walls are reinforced 4 steel bars with a diameter 10-12 mm and connected with stirrups from rods with a diameter 4,5-6 mm spaced apart 25-30 cm.

Longitudinal reinforcement of monolithic ribs is anchored in the rings. The precast beam anchors are embedded in the beams along their length 4-7 cm, while the reinforcement bars protruding from them extend to the entire width of the rim. In multi-storey buildings, beams should be made around the perimeter of the ceiling and on all floors. To prevent the formation of thermal bridges at the junction of the ceilings with the walls, the wreaths should be covered with thermal insulation from the outside of the wall.