Planning first

Planning is an important part, decoration and interior design. It will be much easier, if you live in a house or apartment for some time before making any major changes. This will help us to orientate better, what should be changed in it. Let's plan the space 1 arranging the furniture in this way, that the rooms fulfill their assigned functions well, and the residents could move freely. Let's check, where durable and easily washable surfaces are needed, where softer materials can be used, and where would be useful materials with a thick, sound-absorbing texture. It's worth watching, how the insolation of individual rooms changes depending on the time of day and year, to figure out, which room will be visually warmer in winter, and cooler in summer, and where should the reflective surfaces be placed.

The presented page will help us reflect on the style and atmosphere, which we would like to create. Let us remember this, that in a smaller apartment it is easier to ensure consistency and apply one style.

If we decide to make big changes – new decor, changing the floor and other similar works – always plan everything carefully. Let's remember, to stock up on enough materials (including the right tools, adhesives and sealants, as well as paints or fabrics), and above all, have enough time. We'll get the best results, if we work in good light and at a pace adapted to our capabilities.

Above all, however, let's not forget, that furnishing the apartment should be a pleasure. let's find out, how much fun it is to plan and work on details, and how satisfying it is to use a newly furnished room or apartment. So let's go!