Door painting

Door painting

Remove door handles before painting, keyhole metal surround, hooks and other decorations. This way you will prevent stains
and unevenness, and you will paint faster. Put them aside with the screws in a safe place. Put them back together temporarily after applying the next layers of paint, to be able to open and close the door. Thoroughly clean the top edge of the door and the keyhole, that no dirt gets on the brush during painting. Make any necessary repairs (hinge fastening, smoothing the surface with sandpaper).

The door is best painted next to the walls and window frames, but before painting the baseboards. The entire surface should be painted over immediately, that there are no traces
dried paint. We paint the door with oil paint, best protecting them from damage; it is the largest surface area of ​​oil paint in most homes.

It is necessary to lay an intermediate layer, even if the existing paint layer is in good condition, and the new color is darker than the previous one. For that, where the existing color is darker than the new color, put two intermediate layers, by rubbing the surface with sandpaper before each subsequent painting. The upper edge of the door does not require painting, unless it is visible from the points above.

Nevertheless, you have to remember, that the painted surface attracts less dust than raw wood. If you want to paint each side of the door in a different color, paint the hinged edge the color of the outside, and the edge with zippers in the color of the inside (if the door opens to the room). Plan your work as shown below.

Panel doors
1 Użyj pędzla o szerokości 2,5 cm to paint over the moldings.
2 Zamaluj powierzchnię płycin pędzlem o szerokości 5 or 7,5 cm.
3 Zamaluj pionowe pasy centralne.
4 Zamaluj górne, middle and lower cross straps.
5 Zamaluj zewnętrzne płaszczyzny pionowe i krawędzie, and finally a doorframe.