Pull-in beds

Another type of sleeping furniture are beds that slide one under the other, which is only stretched out at night. During the day, bedding should be hidden in special cabinets or drawers on the couch.
A practical solution are beds hidden in the wardrobe or couches-shelves closed on the wall, the lower surfaces of which may also constitute writing boards.
The arrangement of the bed in the nursery is imperative (similar to the bedroom) layout of the rest of the equipment on the set. Because – as mentioned – the goal is to have as much play space as possible, their number should be limited as much as possible. All free-standing heavy wardrobes or chests of drawers should be thrown away (e.g.. to the hall), leaving only light shelves or containers for toys in the room (of course the wardrobe – the bunk bed component remains in the room).
Surface, in every sense of the word, the floor in the nursery is usable, where children play the most. It should be reasonably warm and soft. It is best to cover it with a practical carpet with a soft base made of thick fabric or sponge. Carpets are not recommended, which children can destroy quickly, nor small rugs, on which it is easy to slip and fall. A sponge in the form of a pillow, trimmed with fabric, it can be used as a seat or as a play object.