How to apply paint with a brush?

How to apply paint with a brush?
We pick up emulsion paints and other water-based paints with a brush directly from the can. Skin formation may occur in incomplete oil paint containers. In this case, remove the caked layer and thoroughly mix the rest of the paint. Emulsion and oil paints require a slightly different painting technique (look down). Do not scrape excess paint off the brush, it would be good not to take too much of it at one time. Before applying the second coat, dust the surface with a tight weave cloth, for maximum smoothness. When painting each subsequent layer, try to cover the entire surface with paint at one time, in order to avoid the formation of clear traces of dried paint.

Loading of oil paint.

1 Dip the end of the brush into the paint and wipe off any excess. Dipping the brush too deep will result, the paint dripping onto your hand.
2 Start with two or three brush strokes in the direction of the grain. Change direction to spread the paint, then make mosses along the jars again.
3 Pick up the paint again, then paint another strip, leaving a brush-wide space between painted surfaces. Then paint over it.
4 With vertical brush strokes, spread the paint over the entire surface. After drying, smooth it with fine sandpaper, while preparing for the next layer.

Applying the emulsion

1 Choose a wide brush that allows you to apply paint quickly. Dip it in the emulsion and apply the paint in transverse strips approx 60 cm.

2 The last brush strokes should cross for the matte emulsion, or – for a faster drying emulsion with a silky or satin finish – light and directed upwards.