Grunt – Farby emulsions


It reduces the absorbency of the substrate, and hence, also paint consumption. There are special primers for untreated wood, metal and plaster, as well as universal primers for any type of surface. Other types of soil are for example aluminum primer, used on surfaces that require special protection, and a stabilizing ground, which are covered with flaking or flaking surfaces, painted with old paints, such as glue or lime paint (tooth. page opposite).

For that, where it is possible, it is good to use a primer, primer and surface paint from the same company, because they are prepared like this, that they work well together.


It covers the previous color and creates a base for the top layer; in the case of metal paints, it can also protect against rust. Some surface paints do not require a primer.

Farby emulsions

They are mainly used for walls and ceilings, although some modern ones can also be applied to metal and wood. Such paints are water-borne – they dry quickly, easy to use (and remove from the brush); moreover, they are almost odorless. They can have a liquid consistency, semi-fluid or thick (thixotropic paints). The latter splash much less, so they are especially recommended for painting ceilings. Paint that is too thick can be thinned with a little water.

Among the contemporary emulsion paints you can find both metallized, as well as you, which give an effect similar to suede. However, the widest choice is among matt and semi-matt emulsion paints, also called satin.

Matte paints have an interesting appearance, sometimes like chalk, but – unfortunately – you can see brush marks and fingerprints on them. Semi-matt paints have a slight shine, which emphasizes all imperfections and irregularities of the painted surface, but they are washable. Satin paints are especially worth using in kitchens and bathrooms. They often contain a fungicide to prevent mold growth and resist moisture better. There are also paints particularly suitable for scouring, recommended for children's rooms.

Among this selection, there are also several soft varieties, almost chalky effect similar to old paints. They are perfect for old houses, however, they are difficult to clean.