Paints and varnishes

Paints and varnishes.

The paint has a double function: decorative and protective. There are special varieties of paints for interior and exterior painting; in the case of the latter, their protective qualities come to the fore. Paints can be divided into three categories: paints for surface preparation, such as primers or primers, covering paints, including emulsion and oil, and paints for special purposes, e.g.. for painting plaster or floors. Most paints consist of three components: the pigment which determines the color, binders, most often resinous, responsible for the adhesion of the pigment to the surface and the liquid – oil or water – which combines the first two ingredients. Covering paints are divided into oil paints – available in glossy variants, semi-gloss and matte, used for painting wood and metals, and water paints, also called emulsion, available in several versions and used for painting plaster, plaster, wood and brick. Varnishes also play a decorative and protective role. Clear varnishes are only used to cover raw wood, which allows you to expose its natural pattern.
The choice of paint is the first major decision made before refurbishing, so it is worth considering the selection of the most appropriate color. It is also worth remembering about this, to use the correct type of paint to paint the surface. In this way, we will avoid repeating all activities from scratch.
We would advise you to buy a set of paint samples first and test them on the given surface, to evaluate the effects in practice.