Classic kitchen

classic cuisineIn many apartments, the classic kitchen solution is used as a separate room. There are many well-decorated interiors among them. E.g …

Glaze in the bathroom

glazeGlaze and terracotta are classic, glamorous, permanently, but also an expensive bathroom finish. However, it allows the easiest way to keep clean. Zagospodarowując niewielką na

Old items

antiques roomOld items taken out of the nooks and crannies of cellars and attics, refurbished and skillfully used,can become an extremely effective home furnishings, especially the living room. Przykładem może być wygodny

Work room

Work room – Constant, a comfortable place to work and study at home is needed not only by children. Adult household members often learn in the evenings, uczą

Room for a teenager

Teen roomChildren's room – teenagers resemble an interior for adults. The "youth" style is often used when arranging other rooms (e.g.. a living room for a young married couple). Program

Childrens room

Childrens roomThe space around the child should be full of sunshine, color, interesting forms and shapes, the entire interior is especially carefully designed in terms of arrangement, and design. Jest


bedroomA comfortable place to sleep is associated with peace, silence, separation from the rest of the household, hence the next solution is the bedroom – osobny pokój przeznaczony do indywidualnego wypoczynku.

Living room

living roomThe living room is the center of the apartment. It is where the whole family meets, relaxing together, guests are received here. Większa z reguły powierzchnia pomieszczenia pozwala na