Living room

living roomLiving room – a place for meetings and rest. Ciekawym rozwiązaniem jest sztuczne podniesienie podłogi przez zbudowanie wysokiego podestu z wycięciem na

Open kitchen

open kitchenWall puncture (e.g.. making a large window) allows you to combine the kitchen and living room. When preparing meals, you can talk to people in the room, pilnować bawiące się

Wood in the bathroom

wood bathroomThe use of wood in the bathroom is a very effective way to arrange it. It introduces the atmosphere of the sauna and the warmth of natural material. Wood blends well with glaze. Obniżony sufit


hall2The hall usually serves as a cloakroom or a storehouse for clothes and shoes; its appearance determines the first impression of people entering the apartment. Powinien być zatem urządzony równie