Tearing off the old wallpaper

Tearing off the old wallpaper

Any remnants of the old cladding must be removed, all the way to a bare wall, as connectors, peeling off fragments, air bubbles or a clear pattern of the old wallpaper may appear under the new layer. Fresh glue can also cause old wallpaper to peel off the wall together with the new one, only with the cladding laid. The basic rule when removing wallpaper is to avoid haste and be thorough. Do not tear off the paper too suddenly, so as not to tear pieces of plaster with it. Be patient, soak the stubbornly sticking pieces of wallpaper and scrape it off, until they go away. Standard paper wallpapers are removed by rubbing them with a sponge soaked in warm water, until they are soft enough, to scrape them off. The easily peelable wallpaper simply peels off the backing of the paper. Washable wallpapers can be problematic and often have to be removed using a special steam cleaner.

The quality of the final result of our renovation works largely depends on their proper preparation. This means not only thorough removal of old paint or wallpaper residues and preparation of clean ones, even surface,
but also proper wallpaper trimming, even and methodical distribution of the glue.

It is important to prepare the workshop in such a way, which will allow you easy and safe access to all parts of the room.

Tearing off ordinary paper wallpapers.

1 Start by soaking the wallpaper in warm water using a sponge or a large brush. Thicker paper requires more intensive impregnation.
2 When the paper gets wet, you can proceed to scraping. Try to hold the putty at the smallest possible angle to the wall, so as not to damage the plaster.

Tearing off vinyl wallpaper

1 Tapety łatwo zdzieralne usuniesz podważając brzeg paznokciem lub nożem i ciągnąc delikatnie w górę, not outside, so as not to tear off the base layer.
2 Pod warstwą winylu kryje się najczęściej warstwa papieru. You can use it as a base for new wallpaper. However, if the paper sticks out from the wall in several places, you have to remove it completely.

Tearing off stubborn wallpaper

1 Tapety zmywalne czy pokryte warstwą farby nie przepuszczają wody, so you will have to scrub their surface with a wire brush or a serrated trowel, to allow water to penetrate deep into the paper.
2 Specjalne urządzenie parowe pozwala na szybsze i mniej pracochłonne usunięcie tapety. Water vapor passes through the plate, sliding right next to the wall, softening the paper and allowing it to tear.

Steam wallpaper stripper
This device allows you to remove wallpaper from a large surface in an easier way and in a much shorter time than with traditional soaking and scraping..