Choosing the right varnish

Choosing the right varnish

As with paints, the purchase of products from a well-known and proven manufacturer guarantees a high quality finish. If you want to paint an element outside the building, you have to take care of it, to buy a varnish specially designed for this purpose. The varnish layer will last longer on surfaces made of mahogany wood than on less cohesive oak or cedar wood. If you want to varnish a stained surface, check beforehand, whether they have a similar chemical basis (e.g.. water, spirit, nitrocellulose).


Lead is no longer used in the production of paints used today, however, leaded painted surfaces are still common. If you suspect, that you are dealing with such a surface, take the following precautions:

• Nie używaj lampy lutowniczej, as heating releases poisonous gases.

• Nie używaj papieru ściernego, due to sanding dust.

• Zdartych płatów farby nie pal, but throw it in the trash.

• Pracuj w rękawicach ochronnych; wash your hands when finished.

If you use spray paints, try not to use sprays containing freon.