It is extremely important to select an adhesive suitable for a given type of cladding, and errors in this area often lead to irreparable damage. Therefore, it is better to buy glue after selecting the wallpaper. Don't be tempted to buy a universal agent for all wallpapers – such economy is often deceptive. The general rule is: the heavier the wallpaper, the thicker the glue.

For vinyl and thick paper coverings, not only powder glue is available, but also ready-made pastes in a tube. Wall coverings made of vinyl or other airtight material require the use of an adhesive containing a fungicide (this applies to both base wallpapers, as well as decorative), that mold does not form beneath them. Fungicides are toxic, so you have to remember to wash your hands after finishing work. Some cladding, such as jute cloth or Japanese wallpaper, require a special one, heavy glue.

When sticking delicate linings, e.g.. silk, it is better to smear the wall with glue instead of wallpaper, thus avoiding that the right side of the fabric is splashed with glue. This type of wallpaper soaked in glue is also very inconvenient to carry.