Pattern selection, color and pattern of the wallpaper

Pattern selection

If you are a rookie, it is better to give up complicated patterns, especially in rooms full of alcoves and wall protrusions. Simple, regularly repeating patterns are also problematic, as any shortcomings will be immediately apparent (e.g.. horizontal repeating geometric patterns and diagonal repeating patterns). However, a pattern with unevenly spaced elements does not require exact matching.

Color and pattern
The pattern and favorite color contribute to the overall mood of the room. And yes, e.g.. floral motifs have a calming effect, and geometric motifs – stimulating. Pattern can also be used to create an illusion: vertical lines will help us "raise" the ceiling, horizontal lines "extend" the room, three-dimensional geometric figures create an impression of depth, small patterns give a feeling of more space, big themes make, that the surface appears smaller.

Thanks to the appropriate pattern, you can highlight the desired object or cover up shortcomings and deficiencies. In order to achieve the best effect, avoid too many patterns in one room, do not combine floral and geometric patterns, as well as always try to balance the pattern with the smooth background plane, floors or furniture.

Flower motifs
Fresh, the spring colors create a warm feeling and add character to this gloomy room with straight lines. Large twigs give the impression of openness and raise the ceiling, especially when they form vertical stripes together. If we transfer the pattern to roller blinds or furniture, the feeling of warmth and openness is even more pronounced. In a small, irregularly shaped room – e.g.. in the attic – the small ones would look better, irregularly arranged flowers, as regular lines would emphasize the curvature of the walls or ceiling.

Printed collage
Menus, wine labels, pages from newspapers or magazines can create an amazing wallpaper together. The collage looks best in a small space, displaying a fragment of a bathroom or a child's bedroom.

Geometric patterns
These patterns almost always give the room a neat and modern character – so they are perfect for bathrooms. The ideal would be, if the wallpaper lines complement other horizontal and vertical lines in the room.
The room must have equal angles, because the lines emphasize all the irregularities. A small motif woven into a geometric pattern will soften the sharpness of the drawing, and one or two colors of the wallpaper should age in another part of the room. Simple, The equipment, painted in intense colors, will be displayed here in all its glory.

Color themes and schemes
The pattern of the wallpaper in the conservatory presented above has been selected to emphasize the function of this room. The impression of harmony was intensified by placing accents in the dominant color of the wallpaper throughout the room by contrasting them with the white background.