Visual color effects in the room

Thanks to the right choice of colors, we can change the look of the room. We can optically lower or raise the ceiling, cover up or display some elements of the interior, create a soothing or stimulating atmosphere. You can make a dark room brighter by using glossy, reflective paint; dark, warm colors can make, that huge, a cold room will become cozier.

Often, the decision about the color of the room depends on the furniture to be placed in it, sometimes the walls are only a neutral background for a few exposed details. remember, that by applying the paint on a large surface, you increase the intensity of the color selected from the catalog. How many interior decorators learned about it after a while!

Shrinking a large room
Colors can change the optical impression of the size and shape of a room. Light shades weaken the feeling of tightness, dark colors reduce large spaces. The low ceiling will appear higher, if we paint it lighter than the walls. To cover up the shape of the room, paint the walls and ceiling with a uniform dark paint, and then break the feeling of homogeneity with numerous spotlights (see above). Complementary types of texture and the deliberate use of a bright color in the furniture make it, that we focus our eyes on the lower part of the room.