Setting up the scaffolding – wallpapering

Before proceeding with wallpapering the ceiling or staircase, set up a secure scaffolding. In most homes, an improvised construction of ladders and boards is enough. Its exact position depends on the size of the stairs, however, the solution presented below can be adapted to most types of stairs. If the staircase is extremely high, you may need to rent a small construction scaffold. Always be sure when using a folding ladder, that it is completely unfolded, and the shelf / crossbar pushed down as deep as possible. Remove knives and scissors from pockets before climbing the ladder.

Stairs and staircases
Place the foldable ladder on the mezzanine, and lean an ordinary ladder against the opposite wall, wedging its lower part between the step and the bracket. Then connect the ladders with boards. At lower levels, place a fold-out ladder in the hall and build a scaffolding by leaning the plank against the rung of the ladder and one of the steps..

If the length of the scaffold is to exceed 1,5 m, use two planks nailed or connected with strong tape.

Ceilings and walls
Position the scaffolding along the wall, you want to wallpaper. Use two folding ladders to construct it, stands or heavy crates and boards or several boards, which will occupy the entire width of the wall. You will not have to move a platform constructed in this way until you start working on a different wall. make sure, that you can reach anywhere from there, as it can be dangerous to tilt your body sideways too much.

Take care, that the ladders are fully extended, to avoid shifting or collapsing the structure.