Contemporary wallpapers are not only decorative paper, but a whole range of synthetic and textile materials, and even metal ones suitable for washing, stronger and easier to use than traditional wallpapers. Walls covered with vinyl wallpaper are as easy to keep clean as painted walls, and dry-peel wallpapers greatly facilitate the preparatory work for the next renovation. The choice of patterns has also increased significantly, colors and textures; most manufacturers offer a completely new set of patterns every now and then. Once you've made your choice of wallpaper, measure the room carefully, checking each result twice, then calculate the required amount of material. The choice of color and pattern will to some extent depend on the current market offer, on furniture and costs. The prices of a given type of wallpaper can vary widely, this is especially true of the price difference between wholesale and retail.

So it's worth calling several wholesalers before making a purchase. Unlike painting, Wallpapering of the room can be done in stages and does not require prior flying of smaller cracks and gaps. However, only thorough surface preparation will ensure a smooth final finish.