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Connecting YTONG elements

Connecting YTONG elementsYTONG system aerated concrete tiles and blocks are not joined with traditional masonry mortar, but are glued with a thin-layer adhesive mortar.. Before its application, the surface of the wall should be sanded and dusted. Then the adhesive mortar is spread with a special trowel (scoop) o szerokości równej grubości

Porous ceramics

porous hollow bricksWe use more and more modern materials when building the walls of the building, guaranteeing the best thermal insulation. One of the materials is porous hollow bricks, characterized by the presence of many closed walls in ceramic walls, very small pores. Te pory wraz ze szczelinami tworzą doskonały materiał budowlany o

Thermoinjection method

hydrophobic lockThe perfect protection of old foundations is the implementation of the so-called. hydrophobic lock. Well, special preparations are injected inside the wall, by solidifying, they form blockages in the wall, through which no moisture can penetrate the higher parts of the wall. Hydrophobic preparations are poured into specially drilled holes. Gdy mury są