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Priming the substrate

Light method of wet warmingA light method of wet insulation of building walls consists in gluing polystyrene boards or mineral wool with a thickness of 8-12 cm. A thin layer is applied to the glued and in many cases anchored with fasteners panels …

Insulating boards

Insulating boardsFor thermal insulation of flat roofs, flat roofs and terraces, various types of boards made of various thermal insulation materials can be used. Rigid polyurethane foam plates are most often used. These boards are clad on both sides with kraft paper. Płyty układa

Warming the wreath

Warming the wreathAll wreaths, both those on top of the walls under the walls, and rims of ceilings should be protected against heat loss by installing polystyrene or mineral wool insulation. Od strony zewnętrznej ocieplenie takie należy osłonić niską ścianką wymurowaną z cegieł ceramicznych