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Planning of the dining room

Planning of the dining roomPlanning of the dining room. The eating place can be a small table in the kitchen, dining area or a buffet between the kitchen and the living room or hall. It is best if you can arrange a separate room for the dining room, w którym domownicy mogą

Kitchen layout

Kitchen layoutThe layout of the kitchen furniture depends on the size and shape of the kitchen room. The single-row arrangement is most common in narrow rooms, and its variation are built-in kitchens in the so-called. studio flats. The two-row layout is found in medium-sized kitchens. Pozwala on

Shaping the workplace in the kitchen

Shaping the workplace in the kitchen. The elements of equipment of a properly organized kitchen create a technological sequence of diverse functional zones. Their size along with the accompanying storage space (food, kitchenware) depends on the needs and structure of the family.
For example, the capacity of the refrigerator should be: dla osoby