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Office in the apartment

officeThe situation is changing, if one of the family members works professionally at home. They are most often people from creative backgrounds, scientific or artistic, with the right to additional living space. Then one of the rooms should be arranged as a work room, czyli gabinet

Shaping the workplace in the kitchen

Shaping the workplace in the kitchen. The elements of equipment of a properly organized kitchen create a technological sequence of diverse functional zones. Their size along with the accompanying storage space (food, kitchenware) depends on the needs and structure of the family.
For example, the capacity of the refrigerator should be: dla osoby

Basic functions of the living room

living room functionPrimary function, which the living room is to fulfill, is to ensure full comfort of rest during the day, shared vacation with other family members (unlike the intimate nature of the bedroom). Traditionally, in order to arrange a seating area, a sofa-bed was placed, dwa lub trzy duże „klubowe”