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Pull-in beds

Another type of sleeping furniture are beds that slide one under the other, which is only stretched out at night. During the day, bedding should be hidden in special cabinets or drawers on the couch.
Praktycznym rozwiązaniem są łóżka chowane w szafie lub zamykane na

Single bedrooms

A similar functional program and equipment should have single bedrooms, intended for other adult household members. They are, to a greater extent than the "matrimonial" bedroom, rooms for individual rest and retreat. By arranging them on the set, należy kierować się przede wszystkim upodobaniami i zwyczajami przyszłych


bedroomA comfortable place to sleep is associated with peace, silence, separation from the rest of the household, hence the next solution is the bedroom – a separate room for individual relaxation.

In studios or one-room M2, a także w mieszkaniach użytkowanych przez rodzinę większą niż przewidziano