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Grandparents' room

grandparents' roomGrandparents' room – Many flats are used by three generations. Grandparents, elderly people, They feel much better in rooms arranged according to their preferences and habits. The arrangement of the grandparents' bedroom usually requires a separate project. Pomieszczenie umownie

Kitchen layout

Kitchen layoutThe layout of the kitchen furniture depends on the size and shape of the kitchen room. The single-row arrangement is most common in narrow rooms, and its variation are built-in kitchens in the so-called. studio flats. The two-row layout is found in medium-sized kitchens. It allows for a more favorable positioning of the elements …

School child's room

student roomFor a school-age child, you need to organize a comfortable study corner with a small desk or tabletop with dimensions 100 x 50 cm attached to the wall or cabinets at a height appropriate for the child's height. The place for learning should be located in …