Ceiling with steel beams and a reinforced concrete slab

Strop WPS: a) view, b) cross-section of the ceiling, e) longitudinal section; 1 - steel bar, 2 - WPS board, 3 - wire mesh, 4 - legar, 5 - boards, 6 - polepa, 7 — papa, 8 - cement mortar.

Ceiling with steel beams and a reinforced concrete slab. Instead of brick panels (Klein) prefabricated or monolithic reinforced concrete slabs are also used. The ceiling with a prefabricated reinforced concrete slab is shown in the drawing. WPS, P5170 and PS W plates are widely used 170. WPS boards are manufactured with a length of 97-147 cm with a change in length every 10 cm, while the others - of length 98-138 cm with a change in length every 10 cm. The width of all plates is 40 cm.

No formwork is needed to make the ceiling. Reinforced concrete slabs are placed manually from the working platform, which are thick boards 32 mm based on the upper shelves of the beams. After the boards are laid, the joints between them are filled with cement mortar in proportion 1:2 or 1:3.

Sections of ceilings with monolithic reinforced concrete slabs: a) pull rod plate, b) continuous plate, c) single-span slab, d) reinforced concrete slab on corrugated sheets (trapezoidal); 1 - corrugated plate, 2 - slab reinforcement, 3 - reinforced concrete slab, 4 - steel bar, 5 - lightweight concrete.

In figure a, b shows a beam floor with a monolithic reinforced concrete slab resting on the upper flanges of the beams. Continuity of the slab is ensured by the reinforcement placed in the span and over the beams constituting supports. Ceilings are also made, in which monolithic reinforced concrete slabs rest on the lower shelves of steel beams (Lynx. c); these panels are usually made as single-span panels. Reinforced concrete slabs are made on formwork, which mostly hangs on beams.
For the construction of the ceiling shown in Fig. d no formwork is needed. The slab is concreted on corrugated sheets placed on the beams. For larger spans and loads, the slab is additionally reinforced with steel bars with a diameter 6-12 mm.