Ceramic-reinforced concrete ceiling Fert

Ceramic-reinforced concrete ceiling Fert-45: a) view, b) bar, c) cross-section through the rib under the partition; 1 - pustak, 2 - beam, 3 - wreath, 4 - warming, 5 - reinforced concrete slab.

Strap Fert. The figure shows a ceramic-reinforced concrete ceiling used mainly in single-family housing. Ceramic blocks with a width are used to make the ceiling 32, 37, 52 cm, heights 20 cm and length 30 cm and prefabricated ceramic-steel beams composed of a lower flange made of ceramic fittings with a width of 12 cm connected to the reinforcement bars. Ceilings with rib spacing can be made of hollow blocks and beams 40 cm (It carries 40), 45 cm (It carries 45) i 60 on (It carries-60).
No formwork is needed to make the ceiling. The beams are placed on thick rails 38 mm located near walls and indirectly, for a floor span up to 4,50 m is assumed to be one, and larger ones (do 6,0 m) – two. Hollow blocks are placed on the prefabricated beams, and then concretes. The length of the support of the beams on the walls should be at least 8 cm. The end blocks at the rings and separate ribs should have closed openings, so that the concrete mass does not pour into their interior.