Ceramic-reinforced concrete ceiling (Ackermana)

Ackerman ceramic-reinforced concrete ceiling: a) view, b) cross-section through the ceiling, c) cross-section through the rib under the partition wall), d) longitudinal section; 1 Ackerman, 2 - board, 3 - steel bars, 4 - stirrups, 5 - reinforced concrete wreath, 6 - warming, 7 - concrete slab, 8 - stamping, 9 - a rib under the partition wall, 10 - partition wall.

Ceramic-reinforced concrete ceiling (Ackermana). This ceiling is suitable for covering rooms with small and medium spans. Ceramic blocks with a height are used to make the ceiling 15, 18, 20 i 22 cm( width 30 cm and length 25 cm. The height of the brick is adjusted to the span of the ceiling and the load acting on the ceiling. In this ceiling, the bottoms of the ribs are covered with hollow brick feet, thanks to which a uniform ceramic base for plaster is obtained.

At the top, a concrete slab with a thickness is made on the blocks 3-5 cm reinforced mesh of reinforcement. The ceiling ribs are usually reinforced with one bar. These bars are hung on stirrups spaced at intervals 30 cm. In ribs that are continuous or partially restrained in the wall, reinforcement is used at the top of the rib. The ribs of the ceiling rest on the wall by means of wreaths.

Ackerman ceilings are made on full boarding or made of single boards placed under the ribs, a based on scaffolding, The blocks in the ceiling are arranged in a staggered manner, the outermost blocks on the side of the ring should have concrete or mortar bottoms, preventing concrete from getting inside.