Sleeping area in the living room

Sleeping area in the living room (however, only in a decidedly large room) it can also take a modern form, a spacious alcove with a wide bed and a lowered light ceiling, wooden posts, delimiting its surface, on the open day, "Drawn" into a set of lounge furniture, at night, separated from the whole room with curtains, giving an intimate and intimate character to a "place to sleep".
If there is to be a set of armchairs in the room, it according to the accepted principle, they should be light, with small dimensions and frame structure, spatial, while heavy, a large club armchair can only be a single accent among low seats and other equipment.
The sizes of the furniture and the spacing between them determine this, how far apart the people sitting on them will be. Excessive crowding of the furniture is also inadvisable, as well as their excessive spacing. In first
accident, access to furniture is difficult, in the second, no contact is possible.
A TV is a common piece of equipment in the leisure set. Please note, that for the sake of eye hygiene, For comfortable viewing and screen protection, the TV must be properly positioned. The distance between the center of the screen and the floor should not be more than 1 m. The viewing distance depends on the size of the screen. The TV screen should be in the shade, i.e.. not in front of the window.