Room for a teenager

Teen roomChildren's room – teenagers resemble an interior for adults. The "youth" style is often used when arranging other rooms (e.g.. a living room for a young married couple). Functional program of the room for teenagers, most often the same, as for a single bedroom, includes: a place to sleep (also used for daily rest), study-work corner, place for storing personal belongings, books and items related to individual interests. In order to ensure proper learning conditions, it is advisable to arrange separate rooms for older children. However, the size and layout of the apartment does not always allow it – then another change of arrangement in the old children's room should be made. Bunk beds will be replaced with couches (type frame and mattress), toy containers – shelves or chests of drawers, desks change height, as are the chairs and seats. When arranging the furniture on the plan, you should focus on the correct organization of individual work-learning places for each child. Arranging a room for two teenagers of different sexes requires such an arrangement of beds and equipment, which would provide the possibility of isolation. The easiest way to divide a room into two zones is, by introducing an additional spatial element at the border of separated areas (wall unit, bookcase, openwork screen, etc.). Interior finishing, its climate and mood will depend on the tastes and interests of young users, who should be left free to arrange and furnish their own room.