Preparing metal for painting

Preparing metal for painting

Rust is the enemy of the ferrous metals (containing an admixture of iron or steel); it is best to prevent its formation by using an anti-corrosive primer paint and a thorough top coat of paint. Even tiny cracks in the surface can cause moisture to penetrate under the paint film and cause rust to appear, especially on the window frames.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to locate any rust spots and remove any traces of it with a wire brush and sandpaper. For that, where large areas are involved, you can use a round brush mounted on an electric drill, remembering about safety glasses. Any rust-eaten cavities can be filled with special putties available at home improvement stores.

Rust builds up extremely quickly, even overnight, therefore, shortly after cleaning, the surface should be painted with an anti-corrosive primer. Chromate primer is the most universal, as it is also suitable for aluminum and galvanized surfaces; red lead and zinc phosphate are also recommendable. Non-ferrous metals should be washed with white spirit, sand and prime.

Removal of rust

1 Zeskrob rdzę i resztki farby szczotką drucianą, sand with sandpaper. Examine the surface carefully, that there are no rust spots left.

2 Nie dopuszczając do ponownego rdzewienia, prime the surface, by applying several layers of paint to the most sensitive areas.

• Przed położeniem nowej farby na warstwy już istniejące sprawdź, there are no discolorations on the surface, dirt or dust; otherwise, there will be bulges leading to the paint peeling.
• Usuń zanieczyszczenia powierzchniowe szczotką, cloth or vacuum cleaner; Use a knife or other sharp object to remove dust particles from crevices and corners.
• Do przemywania powierzchni użyj mydła, washing soda, special cleaning agent or mild detergent; look after, that water does not get into the electric wires.
• Przed pomalowaniem ram okiennych od wewnątrz dokładnie oczyść ich zewnętrzne krawędzie, to prevent dirt from getting on the brush.
• Przemyj parapety i inne drewniane elementy szmatką o ścisłym splocie zwilżoną w benzynie lakowej.
• Wygładź papierem ściernym miejsca, in which the old paint layer is cracked or flaky, leveling the surface for a new paint. remember, to clean it from dust before painting.
• Wygładź warstwę starej farby gruboziarnistym papierem ściernym, so that it binds more easily with the new paint.