Living room

living roomLiving room – a place for meetings and rest. An interesting solution is to artificially raise the floor by building a high platform with a cutout for the table. Thus sitting down around the table, sits down on the edge of the landing, sort of "on the floor". After moving the table and lining the cutout in the platform with pillows, a spare sleeping place is created for unforeseen guests. The space under the landing is perfect for storage compartments – this is how you can hide wardrobes "under the floor". The room is closed only by an optical partition – "Western" doors are inviting. A well-chosen photo wallpaper on the wall.

In the largest room in the apartment, thanks to an ingenious arrangement, annexes with a clear purpose can be separated; the most common among them is a sleeping corner. The bases of armchairs-beds are then used as shelters for bedding. An ingenious arrangement of the place is also placing a radio, amplifier, etc.. on the back of the seat–a storage compartment covered with pillows. Through the use of a structure enriching a typical set of furniture throughout the interior, you can break a monotonous space. Kitchen-type cabinets harmonize with the rest of the equipment thanks to the consistent color scheme. Original, used for larger parties, the table is easy to fold (by hiding the legs under the plate); placed against the wall in the hall, it takes up little space. The movable lighting fixture is mounted on a curved rail for curtains. The lower wall of the shoulder serves as a screen for displaying slides. The separation of various functional zones in a large room should also take into account optical partitions, allowing the whole to be single-space.