Office in the apartment

officeThe situation is changing, if one of the family members works professionally at home. They are most often people from creative backgrounds, scientific or artistic, with the right to additional living space. Then one of the rooms should be arranged as a work room, that is, an office that provides the user with complete isolation from the rest of the household. The equipment of the office, in addition to a desk or work table and shelves, includes: library shelves, a comfortable armchair and, if the area of ​​the room allows it, single couch-couch. An additional sleeping place is intended for the household member, which, which often happens in the scientific and creative community, likes to work at night and does not respect the regular hours of sleep adopted by the rest of the household.

Designing an office on the plan, after arranging the furniture included in its basic equipment, all "free" walls and nooks and crannies should be filled with shelves, making them a magazine for books, magazines and other papers for all household members. Design and execution of shelving, as a set of shelves and cabinets, is another task for DIY enthusiasts.